ACS Publications website: Alternate Table of Contents (TOC) View Options

ACS Publications website: Alternate Table of Contents (TOC) View Options

All ACS Publications journals, ACS Symposium Series books, and the C&EN Archives now provide two alternate viewing options in addition to the standard List View. All full Tables of Contents and Search Results now have a three-button interface for switching between the options.

TOC View Selector

The Grid View was originally introduced as a JACS Beta project. To those who took the time to leave us valuable feedback, thank you. Your suggestions were all taken into account, and modifications to the Grid View were made as a result.

Please note that Internet Explorer 6 users will not see the new interface because this browser is not compliant with Web standards, and Internet Explorer 7 users will experience poor performance and improper layout. For best results, please use a W3C Web Standards compliant browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox, Opera, or the latest version of Internet Explorer.

List View

This is the standard view for Tables of Contents (TOC) that has been used. Unless you have previously selected to view a TOC in Grid View, this will be the default view for all TOCs and Search Results. If you are using the Grid View, you can click on the first button in the interface to change back to the List View.

Grid View

The second button in the interface will activate the Grid View. In this view, the articles are dynamically reflowed into a grid of tiles. Each tile has a fixed width and height, allowing for multiple articles to appear on each line. This makes skimming through a list of articles very simple, especially if your main focus is on the TOC graphics.

If you select the Grid View option, all TOCs and Search Results will display in Grid View by default until you select List View.

Please note that in order to give each article tile a fixed width and height, some constraints had to be placed on the information displayed within each tile. The article title is limited to four lines, and the list of authors is limited to six lines. To immediately see the full title and list of authors, click on the article tile, and the Abstract Viewer (see below) will provide the full information.

Grid View: Abstract Viewer

Clicking on an article tile in the Grid View will bring up the Abstract Viewer. This layer allows you to read the article's abstract without leaving the TOC or Search Results page. Within the Abstract Viewer, you can navigate to the previous or next article by using the arrow buttons or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

You can close the Abstract Viewer by clicking on the "Close" button, clicking outside of the Abstract Viewer layer, or by hitting the "esc" key on your keyboard. At this point the page will automatically scroll to the last article you viewed and highlight it so that you know where you left off.

Print View

The third button in the interface will activate the Print View. In this view, the page is stripped of all information that would be unnecessary in a printout, including the header, quick search, sidebar, and footer.

By default, TOC images are not displayed in the Print View because some browsers take a long time to load in all of the graphics. They can be included by selecting the "Include Graphics" checkbox at the top of the page. When this checkbox is selected, you also have the option of using small images or large images, depending on how much space you want the images to take up on your printout.

To return to the List View or Grid View, click on the "Leave Print View" button at the top of the page.

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