What can I do with Drive?

What can I do with Drive?

My Drive allows you to store, download and share files online. The Drive functionality enables you to share and collaborate on updates to research papers and manuscripts.

Files can be stored in 3 categories of folders:

  • • My Drive: Reserved for personal use. Create your own folder structures to store and manage content that matters to you or create shared folders that you own and manage.
  • • Shared With Me: Reserved for files and folders other users have shared with you.
  • • Groups: Reserved for sharing files and folders with members of a group. Depending on your membership status within the group, you can view, download, or edit content in the folder.    

Version history: ACS ChemWorx Drive tracks all versions of your files, allowing you and your colleagues to post multiple versions of the same file. It will maintain an archive of previously uploaded files that can be restored if needed.

Maximum allowable file size per upload is 50MB. You total Drive storage is 3GB.

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