Adding Publications using the Web Importer

Adding Publications using the Web Importer

The ACS ChemWorx Web Importer allows you to add references from over 30 of the largest publishers and databases. You can search for references and add them to your Library using an internet browser and downloading references through the Web Importer bookmark:

1. First, you need to add the Web Importer bookmark link to your web browser.

NOTE: For more information go here

2. Go to a site that supports the ACS ChemWorx Web Importer. If you are not familiar with the supported sites, go to the Library Tools tab in your Web Library and click on “Install Web Importer” button; there you will see the supported sites.

3. On the supported site find the article you want to import or perform your search. Then click on the “Import to ACS ChemWorx” link on your Bookmarks Toolbar. A window with the references available for import and an option to “Add to ChemWorx” option will appear.

4. Select the references you want to import and click on the “Add to ACS ChemWorx” button. The import status will be displayed at the bottom of the window. Your new references will appear in the “All Publications” folder in your library.

NOTE: If you are not logged into your ACS ChemWorx account, you may be prompted to do so.

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