ACS2Go is ACS Publications’ mobile platform that offers readers enhanced features and an improved reading experience optimized for tablets and smartphones. ACS2Go can also be easily paired to an organization to access full text articles both on and off campus.

Q. What types of devices are supported?
A. ACS2Go is optimized for smartphones and tablet devices using iOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems.

Q. What can ACS2Go do?
A. ACS2Go is a mobile friendly version of the desktop site, with specialized tools allowing you to:
  • Browse journals and articles
  • Download articles to your mobile device for offline reading
  • Browse book series and chapters
  • Search journals by keyword, author or title
  • Scan recently published ASAP Articles
  • Read full-text articles (personal or institutional subscription required)
  • View and search references and related links
  • Share articles and links via email
  • Select journals and articles as favorites for quick reference from your home screen
Q. How do I access my university’s/company’s institutional subscription?
A. To access full-text articles from journals that have been licensed by your institution's library, simply visit from your mobile device while on an authenticated institutional wi-fi network.  Your mobile device will be automatically paired with your institution’s access rights. The pairing will then enable you to access content while offsite; 4 months, and will be refreshed each time you access ACS2Go while within your institution’s network.

Q. What if I don’t have access to my institutional wi-fi network?
A. You can get an access code to pair the device from a campus or library computer by logging in with your ACS ID here: The access code authentication also expires after the same 4 month period.

Q. Can a university librarian provide a code for a user?
A. A librarian cannot directly provide an access code to a user as the user needs to use his or her own ACS ID to obtain it. A librarian may be able to provide remote/VPN access that will enable a user to automatically pair with an institution’s subscription.

Q. How do I access my personal subscription?
A. You can login with a personal subscription on ACS2Go by pairing your device with your ACS ID. The pairing code can be obtained by logging into your ACS ID here:

Q. What is the difference between ACS Mobile and ACS2Go?
A. ACS Mobile is an application for your tablet or smartphone that allows you to keep current with the most recently published articles from ACS Journals, consolidating your favorites into a single feed. ACS2Go is a mobile optimized version of the ACS Publications website where you can browse all ACS content including journal articles and eBook chapters.

Q. If I pair my device on ACS2Go, will that allow me to access full text articles on ACS Mobile?
A. Yes, once you pair a device on ACS2Go, you will be able to access only full text PDF articles via ACS Mobile for up to 120 days.

Q. I have multiple devices, can they all be paired?
A. Yes, but only one device can be paired with through an ACS ID login, multiple devices can be paired with an institutional subscription without logging into your ACS ID.

Q. Can I access the desktop version of the ACS Publications website on my mobile device?
A. Yes, you can switch back to the desktop site by selecting "full site" at the bottom of the main left side drop down menu.

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