ACS ID Information

ACS ID Information


About ACS ID

The ACS ID is a single set of credentials shared across multiple ACS online environments, including ACS Publications journals, C&EN Online*, and the ACS Network. Creating an ACS ID is free and will only take a few minutes of your time. Click on the Register button near the top right corner of the website to get started.

* Access to C&EN Online content is only available to institutional subscribers and ACS Members. Become an ACS Member today!


The benefits of logging in

You can take advantage of the following features when you are logged in:

  • e-Alert creation and management, including citation alerts
  • Saved Searches based on the criteria you assign
  • Dynamically updated list of recommended articles based on your research interest
  • Favorite article bookmarking
  • Free access token activation

Log in to your ACS ID account


If you do not have an ACS ID, visit the registration page.

If you have forgotten your ACS ID and/or password, you can retrieve it by entering your e-mail address on this page.

At this time, the ACS Paragon Plus Environment does not use the ACS ID creditials. Please use your ACS Paragon Plus User ID and Password. If you have forgotten your ACS Paragon Plus User ID and/or Password, use the "Forgot Password" function from the ACS Paragon Plus home page.


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