How do I cite references in Microsoft Word?

How do I cite references in Microsoft Word?

Install the Plugin:

Note: you will need administrative rights to your machine to perform this installation.

First, install the ACS ChemWorx citation plugin for Microsoft Word.

     1.    Click on the ACS ChemWorx menu in the upper left in the Desktop app.
     2.    Select "Plugins".
     3.    Select "Configure MS Word".
     4.    In the pop-up window, click Install.

NOTE:  If the button says "Uninstall", the plugin is already installed.

Insert Citation:

     1.    Launch the ACS ChemWorx Desktop app.
     2.    To access the ACS ChemWorx toolbar in:
          a.    Microsoft Word in Windows:
               i.    Click the "ACS ChemWorx" tab (Word 2007/2010), or
              ii.    Click on the "ACS ChemWorx" menu option (Word 2003) at the top of the Word window.
          b.    Microsoft Word for Macintosh (2008 and 2011):
               i.    Click on the ribbon ( ) icon from the top navigation and select "ACS ChemWorx" from drop-down menu.
     3.    Go to your Word document and select the location where you wish to place the citation, and then click Insert Citation from the "ACS ChemWorx" toolbar.
     4.    A window will pop up displaying the articles you can choose to cite. You can use the dropdown next to All Publications to select a specific folder to cite from. You can also use keywords or author names to search for a reference within a folder.
     5.    Use the arrows to the right of the article to select the articles you wish to cite.
     6.    To add additional information, such as page numbers or paragraphs, click on the “Additional Information” icon on the right of each selected publication.

      7.    When you have finished making your selections, select Insert.

NOTE: If you need to insert additional citations, the numbering of the citations will be updated automatically. When you are ready to update the bibliography go to the citation tool menu option and select Refresh. The new references will be added automatically.

Insert Bibliography:

Go to your Word document and select the location where you wish to place the Bibliography.   Go to the ACS ChemWorx toolbar and choose Insert Bibliography. This will insert a formatted bibliography into your document.

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