How do I clear the items in My Library?

How do I clear the items in My Library?

You can clear/reset your personal Library. From the Desktop app:

NOTE: When resetting the Library, data in your My Library folders, including but not limited to associated local files, attachments and annotations, and notes will be deleted.  Use caution when resetting your Library. You will not be prompted to confirm resetting the library. Once the data is deleted, the data cannot be recovered.

     1.    Click on your profile picture located on the top right.
     2.    Select “Settings”, then select the “Advanced” tab.
     3.    In the “Reset Library” section, a number will be displayed. Enter the number shown into the textbox.

     4.    The Reset button will become active, click Reset.

Resetting the library does not delete content in your Shared Folders and Group Shared Folders.  

NOTE:  If you get the error below prompting you to complete or cancel tasks to proceed, follow the steps below to cancel any open tasks.

     1.    Go to your Library.
     2.    Click Sync Now at the bottom left.
     3.    Select Updating option.

     4.    Click on “X” to delete any open tasks.

     5.    Go to the remaining tabs (Errors, Importing, and Web Importing) and repeat by clicking on “X” to delete any open tasks.
     6.    You can return to library Reset steps above now.

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