How do I submit a review for an ACS Journal?

How do I submit a review for an ACS Journal?

You may submit your review to any ACS journal if you were invited by the editor and agreed to do the review. There are two ways to access the review form:

1. Use the direct link provided by in the "Agreed to Review" email sent by ACS Paragon Plus. This link takes you directly to the manuscript review form and does not require a log in. Note: if you used the link to access the review form you will not be able to navigate to the Reviewer Assignments page of your ACS Paragon Plus Home page.

Sometimes the link in an email message won't work because the line breaks, etc. The best practice is to copy it from the email message, paste it into your browser's address field (or location bar), and click GO or press Enter on your keyboard.

2. Log in to ACS Paragon Plus by using your User ID and password and clicking on the tab My Reviewing Assignments. A link to the manuscript assigned for review will be displayed under the Awaiting Review queue. Click “View Materials and Submit Review” and you will be taken to the review form.

There, fill in all the required fields (marked with red “req”), enter any comments to the Editor, and click the Submit button. Your review to the editor and it will be recorded on the manuscript.

More information regarding Peer Review for ACS Journals is available here.

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