How do I edit my ACS ChemWorx Profile?

How do I edit my ACS ChemWorx Profile?

Your profile includes a brief research biography, your research interests, publications that are authored by you, and contact details.

To view your ACS ChemWorx profile, in the ACS ChemWorx Web app, either click:

    •  the Profile tab or

    • the dropdown next to your profile picture and click on your profile picture

Below are brief descriptions of the information displayed in your profile:

Activity: Any updates that you make to your profile, groups that you join, contact connections that you make, and items you share on your stream

Research Profile: Qualifications, experience, research interests, awards and other information about your career

For more information on how to edit your Research Profile, go to this article.

Publications: A list of publications you have authored

Note: In order to display publications that you authored, you must first add them to your “Authored by Me” folder in your Library. For more information, go to this article.

Contacts: The list of colleagues with whom you are connected on ACS ChemWorx

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