How do I Import References from Mendeley?

How do I Import References from Mendeley?

Follow the instructions below to import your entire Mendeley Library including your full-text PDF Files.

1.    Go to your ACS ChemWorx Desktop application.
2.    Select the 'Import Wizard' button located on the top left of the ACS ChemWorx Desktop application and then click on “Mendeley”.

3.    Click on Log In with Mendeley Account.
4.    A new Browser with a prompt to log in to your Mendeley account will appear.   Log in to your Mendeley Account.

5.    Upon log in, an ACS ChemWorx code will be generated.   Copy/Cut and Paste this code in your ACS ChemWorx library prompt.

6.    Select Import.
7.    Once imported, the references, including the folder structure will appear in your Library.

NOTE: Each import will create a new Mendeley folder.  

Note: References that have been deleted from your Library but not purged will count against your maximum number of references. Purging permanently deletes references from the Trash folder and clears room for more imports. We suggest you purge the Trash folder before importing references from other applications

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