Is my information safe with ORCID?

Is my information safe with ORCID?

Data security and privacy is a top concern for ORCID. Data are stored on servers inaccessible via an internet connection. Only Record (account) holders and their assigned delegates can modify a profile. ORCID utilizes three privacy settings for all data recorded in your ORCID profile:

Public: Viewable by anyone who comes to the website or utilizes the ORCID public API.

Limited Access: Viewable by you and “trusted organizations” that you have given permission to share data with. By registering your ORCID ID with ACS, you are making ACS a trusted organization.

Private: Viewable by only you.

Your ORCID ID will always be public but any other element of your ORCID profile has easily adjustable privacy settings. Read ORCID’s full privacy policy here.
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