How can I filter my ACS Journals online searches?

How can I filter my ACS Journals online searches?

You can use the search tab on the top right hand corner of the home page at You can search by Title, Author or Abstract, Citation, DOI# Digital Object Identifier) or Subject Search.

Figure 1

Or you can use the advanced Search tab and filter your search results via:

  1. Title (Use of Phrases: Use quotation marks to search for specific phrases.)
  2. Author (Author Searching: For multiple authors, separate each author name with either AND or OR)
  3. Abstract (Wildcards: Use a question mark in a search term to replace only one character, otherwise use an asterisk)
  4. Figure/ Table Caption from the dropdown in the Anywhere search field. You can also perform search by using

You can also narrow your search by clicking on the boxed X icon or add more search tabs by clicking on the boxed + icon.

Figure 2

 Furthermore, added Search functions are available as shown from the screenshot below:

Figure 3



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